Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ride 2 Rescue

They cycle for over 26,000 km across the globe in order to bring the reality of child trafficking to the eyes of the world. To see it for what it is - the third most profitable industry worldwide, after drugs and weapons.

Child trafficking occurs every day with children being sold for as little as $10 into underground brothels, sweat shops and war.

With the help of programs like Worldvision's Child Rescue we all have the power to make a difference and work together to abolish child slavery.

Ride2Rescue riders Daniel Seehusen, John Clark, Tim Holman, Aaron Turner were joined by 400 cyclists escorting them to Park Royal Hotel.

Video by Jimmy Leow

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Traffic congestion frustrates school authority

Traffic congestion is the main concern for the board of directors of SRJK (C) Keow Kuang, BM. They claimed that the gated community project next door has been inconsiderate to provide access roads to ease the congestion.

Video by Jimmy Leow

Sunday, 15 January 2012

The little strokes of genius

Delwin Cheah starts to draw when he was 3 years of age and he does not stop doing what he loves most. The uniqueness of Delwin's drawings have been attracting many friends and one of them who recognizes his artwork is the organisation called Strokes Of Genius.

The specific and primary purpose of Strokes of Genius is to educate and empower individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) by promoting the artistic abilities in contrast to the disabilities. Strokes of Genius builds and supports these artistic talents through the provision of educational art studio experiences and workshops to "Train the Talent" ℠ and further
expand opportunities toward inclusion and independence as a vehicle for the individual's livelihood.

Delwin at the age of 8 has been offered opportunities to display his extraordinary artwork at several gallery sites throughout Malaysia.

Video by Jimmy Leow

Malaysia No 1 for Japanese property investors

Ishihara Shotaro, a property expert gives his frank opinion about why Japanese are looking into investing properties out of Japan after the recent Tsunami.

Video by Jimmy Leow

Cross Border Real Estate

Cross Border Real Estate: 26 property experts giving their opinions on the property market around the world.

The book will be available at MPH and major book stores by end of January 2012.

Video by Jimmy Leow

School emergency access dilemma

Keow Kuang Chinese Primary School's board of directors are asking for an emergency access road next to land which a developer is working on. Despite several negotiation and assistance from the related representatives, there seems to be a deadlock between the school, MPSP and the developer. 

Video by Jimmy Leow

Top 10 park in Malaysia

CJ TT Loo speaks to the person responsible of making Penang Youth Park the top 10 park in Malaysia.

Video by TT Loo
Edited by Jimmy Leow