Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Press Statement by High Chaparral Residents

Attached is the Press Statement by Pertubuhan Penduduk-Penduduk Kampung Buah Pala, released today, 30-06-2009 (Tuesday) at 12 noon.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Darshan Singh & Co.





Date: 30-06-2009

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PS 1/09

*_Press Statement dated 60-06-2009 (Tuesday)_*

1. We are very disappointed with the State Government. When it could not act to resolve and remedy the abuse and misuse of power by the previous government it seems to be delaying the matter and giving illogical excuses like lodging a caveat which cannot stop the demolition of our houses.

2. If the present State Government cannot stop the demolition then it is adopting the abuse of power by the previous government and is a party to it.

3. A caveat in law is only a claim to the land yet to be proved.

4. The state government is delaying taking action, hoping that our houses will be demolished and it will resolve their duty and responsibility to act.

5. We ask the State Government to act now and at least stop and postpone the demolition. It can direct the developer and the police to do so. It should not abdicate its responsibility and shirk its responsibility.

6. Act now or forever be condemned. Please don’t give us platitudes. Don’t blame the previous BN government; you have the power now. Are you useless?

7. You can act to set aside the fraudulent transfers without paying a cent. Why are you not doing so? Are the developers tying your hands?

8. Are you now collaborating with and an accomplice of the previous government’s abuse and corruption?

9. Are you friend or enemy? Are you part of the solution or party of the problem?

10. The offer by the developer is an eyewash. It is only for the few registered houses. What about the other unnumbered houses? What about the other extended families? Each house is occupied by several families. What about them? What about the tenants? They have been offered nothing.

11. We want out land which is our life. Please don’t mislead the public and side with the developers and UMNO.

12. Do not use sweet promises to fish our votes and gain our support.

13. This village has historical and heritage value which cannot be bought by mighty capital and high force

14. There are over 23 registered houses, over 11 unregistered houses and 41 families and other residents. Compensation was never offered per family at all till now.

15. If the State Governement do not act now it will only assist the developer to wipe out the only historical and heritage Tamil village in Malaysia.

16. Once our houses are demolished and we are thrown out and scattered, wherever we may be we will campaign against those who made false and empty promises.

17. We have also prepared two undated letters for RSN Rayer and P. Ramasamy to sign and also deliver their dead bodies as promised by them.

18. Yes the State Authorities will evict us only over *_our _*dead bodies.

*Pertubuhan Penduduk-Penduduk
Kampung Buah Pala

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng on Kampung Buah Pala

Hindraf, previous Barisan Nasional state government and the current Penang state government under Pakatan Rakyat are involved in the Catch 22 situation faced by Kampung Buah Pala villagers. Hindraf is reported to organize a demonstration nationwide, burning of Lim Guan Engs effigy at Komtar, Penang and defend the villagers of Kampung Buah Pala. Meanwhile, the Pakatan Rakyat state government under CM Lim Guan Eng are looking for an amicable solution for the villagers. Barisan Nasional is blamed for the sticky mess .

Citizen Journalist Chan Lilian asked CM Lim Guan Eng about the state governments stand on the issue as many parties have accused the CM of avoiding the issue and not doing anything to help the villagers.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Video : MPPP Chief To Maintain Historical Cemetery

CJs Jimmy Leow and Chan Lilian met up with MPPP President YDP Tan Cheng Chui at the historical Protestant Cemetery in Penang to discuss on ways to maintain this heritage site. Recently, both CJs made a short video indicating the needs to keep this place in good condition to attract tourists and also for the future generation.


Together with the CJs were Penang Heritage Trust's President, Dr. Choong Sim Poey and Magdalene Ng who were delighted that MPPP is taking positive steps to maintain the Protestant Cemetery. Both CJs also witnessed the clearing up of rubbish at the entrance of the cemetery by MPPP personnel after Tan's instruction.

MPPP Chief To Maintain Historical Cemetery

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Serious Cases Only : Hong Kong Hospitals

Hospitals in Hong Kong may soon stop admitting swine flu patients unless they have serious complications, the health minister said yesterday. The change in policy may come as early as next week. 41 more cases were reported, suming up the total cases to 449. Out of this figure, 158 patients remain in hospitals.

Liu Xiaobo Accused Of Incitement

Prominent dissident Liu Xiaobo, one of the most vocal advocates of political reform on the mainland China, has been officially arrested on suspicion of inciting subversion. Liu was arrested on Tuesday, more than 6 months after police took him away a day before the release, on the December 9, of Charter 08, a manifesto that he and other dissidents drafted to call for sweeping political reform and an end to one party rule in the country.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Penangites Choke On Haze

CJ Jimmy Leow asked hikers at Youth Park, Penang what they think about the haze "season" which was set upon them again by the open burning from neighbouring country. It seems to be a yearly affair since the 90's, will we ever see a stop to this irresponsible act from the related parties. Or are we going to continue to choke on ashes year after year..

High Chaparral Candlelight Vigil

The candlelight vigil held at Kampung Buah Pala aka High Chaparral on the 19 June was calm and peaceful. The villagers are anxious to know the ruling of the court on the land issue. CJ Jimmy Leow took a look at what the villagers had to say and hope. They vowed to fight to the end for the rights of their land.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Protestant Cemetery in Grave Condition

CJ Chan Lilian and Jimmy Leow visited the Protestant Cemetery in Penang to find out where Captain Francis Light, the founder of Penang was laid to rest. The atmosphere in the cemetery was spooky and the place was not properly taken care of. Both citizen journalists requested the state government and related organizations to take up the challenge to beautify this heritage site for visitors and the generations to come. If left alone, it will definitely be another piece of waste land.

Help us preserve the heritage of Penang.

Camera & Editing : Jimmy Leow (Citizen Journalist)
Organization : CJMY-Penang

Faces of Kampung Buah Pala

Citizen journalists Jimmy Leow and Chan Lilian have gone to Kampung Buah Pala or High Chaparral several times. Here is a video of the folks from Kampung Buah Pala. The village has been involved in a drama involving suspected landscams by the previous Barisan Nasional state government, broken pre-election promises by the Pakatan Rakyat politicians and recently Hindraf challenged CM Lim Guan Eng to change the fate of this village with a stroke of his pen. Meanwhile, Darshan Singh, a lawyer described the whole thing as 'Bullshits'. Though the two citizen journalists do not understand what some of the villagers said in Tamil, they feel they should share the faces of the folks of Kampung Buah Pala. These people are having sleepless nights and the younger generation are guarding the village by setting up a sentry to prevent the developer from demolishing their houses.

Pendaftaran Warga Emas

The Penang State Government under CM Lim Guan Eng has pledged to help senior citizens in the state. Citizen journalists Chan Lilian and Jimmy Leow met with Sim Tze Tzin who is the ADun for Pantai Jerjak at an Indian temple to find out how this Warga Emas works. According to ADun Sim, voters in Penang who are above 60 years old are eligible to fill up a form and submit to their respective ADuns. The Penang State Government has given them a period of 10 months to do so, i.e. until March 2010. The two citizen journalists also appeal to the rest of the ADuns in Penang to be more proactive in helping the poor and the underprivileged community by making welfare help application much easier and available.

Syabas, MPPP

CJ Jimmy Leow returned to PISA, Penang to follow up on the draining of stagnant water from one of its pond which may be a possible breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes. On the 31 May 2009, Jimmy has produced a video clip which described the need to immediately drain away the stagnant water to deter dengue.

Video : Jimmy Leow (Citizen Journalist)
Organization : CJMY Penang

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Death A Leap Away

While walking to the parking lot, I saw these kids venturing out side the fence of the tennis court, I nearly shit in my pants and told them to move back slowly to where they came from. One false move and they will fall to the ground. It is approximately a 60 feet fall and I don't think they could survive the fall. Please know where your kids are playing, it may just save their lives.

Medium In Trance Part II

This is part II of Medium In Trance. This part showed how the spirits were transferred from the old to the newly built shrine nearby.

"Over Your Dead Body You Will Preserve This Village"

The village Kampung Lorong Buah Pala, also known as High Chaparral because of its history of cattle rearing, is at the centre of a controversial land dispute with luxury apartment developers. In October 2008, the residents had won the case in the High Court, but the developer Nusmetro successfully appealed. The residents, through their lawyers, have now filed an appeal in the Federal Court and applied for a stay of execution. The villagers vowed to stay and fight to the end.

The villagers do not have much time as the date of eviction still stands on the 11 June 2009 following a Court of Appeal decision on 11 May giving them 30 days to vacate their homes.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Medium in Trance

A medium was engaged by the residents of Pearl Garden to ensure smooth transfer of seven deities from the old shrine to the new one recently built at the same site. This is the first part of the event, more to come.

Monday, 1 June 2009

PISA, An Aedes Breeding Ground?

CJ Jimmy Leow reminded MPPP to drain the stagnant water in it's fountain to deter Aedes mosquito breeding. PISA is a popular place for the public and it should be free of Aedes mosquitoes at all cost. 

There are currently more than 18,000 cases of dengue in 2009 and the government has spent millions of ringgit getting rid of this health problem.