Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Press Statement by High Chaparral Residents

Attached is the Press Statement by Pertubuhan Penduduk-Penduduk Kampung Buah Pala, released today, 30-06-2009 (Tuesday) at 12 noon.

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Date: 30-06-2009

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PS 1/09

*_Press Statement dated 60-06-2009 (Tuesday)_*

1. We are very disappointed with the State Government. When it could not act to resolve and remedy the abuse and misuse of power by the previous government it seems to be delaying the matter and giving illogical excuses like lodging a caveat which cannot stop the demolition of our houses.

2. If the present State Government cannot stop the demolition then it is adopting the abuse of power by the previous government and is a party to it.

3. A caveat in law is only a claim to the land yet to be proved.

4. The state government is delaying taking action, hoping that our houses will be demolished and it will resolve their duty and responsibility to act.

5. We ask the State Government to act now and at least stop and postpone the demolition. It can direct the developer and the police to do so. It should not abdicate its responsibility and shirk its responsibility.

6. Act now or forever be condemned. Please don’t give us platitudes. Don’t blame the previous BN government; you have the power now. Are you useless?

7. You can act to set aside the fraudulent transfers without paying a cent. Why are you not doing so? Are the developers tying your hands?

8. Are you now collaborating with and an accomplice of the previous government’s abuse and corruption?

9. Are you friend or enemy? Are you part of the solution or party of the problem?

10. The offer by the developer is an eyewash. It is only for the few registered houses. What about the other unnumbered houses? What about the other extended families? Each house is occupied by several families. What about them? What about the tenants? They have been offered nothing.

11. We want out land which is our life. Please don’t mislead the public and side with the developers and UMNO.

12. Do not use sweet promises to fish our votes and gain our support.

13. This village has historical and heritage value which cannot be bought by mighty capital and high force

14. There are over 23 registered houses, over 11 unregistered houses and 41 families and other residents. Compensation was never offered per family at all till now.

15. If the State Governement do not act now it will only assist the developer to wipe out the only historical and heritage Tamil village in Malaysia.

16. Once our houses are demolished and we are thrown out and scattered, wherever we may be we will campaign against those who made false and empty promises.

17. We have also prepared two undated letters for RSN Rayer and P. Ramasamy to sign and also deliver their dead bodies as promised by them.

18. Yes the State Authorities will evict us only over *_our _*dead bodies.

*Pertubuhan Penduduk-Penduduk
Kampung Buah Pala

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