Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Speed devils on Penang Bridge

These factory bus drivers should be reprimand for driving at such a speed and recklessly on Penang Bridge. If you are the one who is engaging these buses to ferry your workers, give them a warning before something bad happens.

Video by Jimmy Leow, Citizen Journalist

Heng! Ong! Huat!

The Penang state-level Chinese New Year open house on Sunday attracted more than 30,000 well wishers and foreign visitors at the new market complex in Balik Pulau

An arch, decorated with lights and elaborate designs, has been set up on the road beside the market to welcome visitors. Rows of small red lanterns strung overhead outside the market have added a touch of gaiety to complement the setting.

Video by Jimmy Leow

MPSP fast response delights foreign investors

A call to MPSP to clear and trim thick bushes and trees by a Swiss factory located at Prai Free Industrial Zone was responded with urgency.

The section outside the rear of the factory has been left unattended for many years and has been a place for illegal dumping by irresponsible parties.

Due to the thick bushes and trees along the fence, it provides a good hiding place for intruders. Recently, some materials has been stolen by thieves who cut through the fencing.

Video by Jimmy Leow

Syabas for SP Setia

It is all praise for SP Setia from Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng. Developer SP Setia has build 360 units of low cost flats worth RM110,000 but selling them at RM42,000 to those earning low income. The flats which are 660 square feet in dimension were completely built one year earlier than scheduled.

Lim asked other developers to follow SP Setia's CSR commitment.

Video by Jimmy Leow

Vel vel vel vel

Nearly 200 thousand devotees made their way to the temple at Waterfall Gardens in Penang during the eve of Thaipusam to fulfill their vows.

The colourful Hindu religious festival saw devotees from all over the country gather at the venue to carry out their spiritual obligations.

Like in the years before, some carried kavadis while many others had shaved their heads bald and carried the pal kodum (milk pot) to show their appreciation to Lord Muruga.

Video by Jimmy Leow

Waging war against encroachment

Teluk Kumbar is a small fishing village on the southern part of Penang Island which consists of nearly 200 inshore fishermen, mainly Malay and Chinese. 
Teluk Kumbar used to be rich in marine life and making a living out of fishing seems effortless before the encroachment by commercial trawlers nearly 40 years ago.

Teluk Kumbar inshore fishermen share the same fate as their fellow fishermen from Pulau Betong. The only difference is the frequency of such encroachment has reduced in Pulau Betong due to frequent "community policing".

The inshore fishermen around the southern part of Penang have suffered abuses and threats from commercial trawlers and the authorities. Some inshore fishermen's boats were rammed because they took photos of the trawlers registration for reporting purposes. Some were challenged to fight at sea.

Commercial trawlers are prohibited by law to fish within the 5 nautical mile radius from the shores as the area is reserved for inshore fishermen. But yet, the invasion continues everyday and night. 

In order to be invisible during the night, the trawlers encroach these fishing grounds without switching on their lights or signals.

This has caused serious accidents where small boats were dragged down because they accidentally cross the floating lines dragged by the trawlers.

Despite the presence of a Fisheries office nearby, the inshore fishermen of Teluk Kumbar have no high hopes of getting any kind of enforcement from the government agency. They said that the office by the beach is frequently used as a beach house for the officers' family during the weekend.

Video by Jimmy Leow

Tmn Kota Permai problems nearly over

The residents of Tmn Kota Permai, Bukit Mertajam, Penang can now see the light at the end of the tunnel with IKRAM declaring the structural damages on their houses were caused by the "nearby project" constructed about 4 years ago. 

Bernard Cheen, the residents spokesperson said the compensation plans are "acceptable" and they are still open for further negotiation if required with JPP. But there is still an open issue on the flash floods compensation where JPP has offered a one time payment of RM 500 to RM 1500 for each home. 

According to Cheen, the residents have endured lost of thousands of ringgit every time flash flood hit their housing estate. This is also blamed to the JPP project nearby. This time around, the residents seek assistance from the previous Adun from MCA, Tan Teik Cheng who has assured the residents to "fight until the end" to get justice for the residents and put a closure to this long pending issue. 

Video by Jimmy Leow Beng Hock, Citizen Journalist

Smokey affair on Penang Bridge

Inshore fisherman waits for compensation

Mohd Saifullah, an inshore fisherman from Teulk Kumbar, Penang is still waiting for a reasonable compensation from the owner of a commercial trawler. Saifullah claimed that the trawler had damaged his fishing net as it came too near to the shore. When approached by Saifullah, the trawler captain offered RM 600 as compensation. "I have lost 1,800 feet of fishing net due to this incident and the cost of making one this long is approx RM 3800.00, and without it I cannot go to the sea." he added. Saifullah who is the bread winner of the family said that he has lost the ability to support his mother's medical needs. She suffering from heart problem and diabetes. 

Video by Jimmy Leow

Heritage trail littered

A visit to a heritage trail with a friend from USA left a bad impression as far as cleanliness is concerned. The related authorities should be more attentive to these heritage trails where visitors expect a clean and safe environment.

The rubbish bin in the manhole, well, what can I say....

Video by Jimmy Leow

20000 mud balls for Prangin Canal

 A TOTAL of 1,500 volunteers from Hope International Ministries did not mind getting their hands dirty out of their concern for Mother Nature.

They went ahead to produce a record of 20,000 micro-organism mud balls in Penang.

It was believed to be the biggest gathering ever for such an event.

The volunteers were not only from all over Malaysia, but some even came from Singapore and Taiwan including foreign students enrolled in local colleges.

Those from the foreign countries were amazed by the technology used. According to them, they had never heard or made such mud balls before.

To ensure a speedy process, five mixers were used to mix the ingredients including soil and rice husk to produce what is called 'Beneficial Indigenous' micro-organism.

he event, part of the state's 'Cleaner, Greener Penang' initiative, started at 2pm at a car park near Komtar Walk.

It was jointly organised by Hope Penang, the state government and both local councils here with the cooperation from Hope International Ministries.

Sim, who is also the Pantai Jerejak assemblyman, said 5,000 mud balls that had already been fermented were the ones that were thrown into the nearby Prangin Canal.

Sim said he was grateful to Hope for its time and effort to ensure the success of the event.

The volunteers then proceeded to the canal at about 3.30pm and they had fun tossing the mud balls in. The technology is known to stop algae growth and break down sludge in ponds, lakes, rivers and drains.

Video by TT Loo, edited by Jimmy Leow

Permanent discounts for summons a better solution

Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng urged for the related authorities to come up with a permanent discount structure for summons and suggested that the road transport ministry to do the same too.

Video by Jimmy Leow

Harga minyak naik kerana rasuah

Fuel price increase is because of corruption and the Federal Government needs the money to pay off national debt of RM 408 billion, says Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng.

Video by Jimmy Leow, Citizen Journalist

HRP demands compensation for demolished fruit plantation

Just two days ahead of Deepavali, workers from the Department of Irrigation and Drainage had bulldozed their way into the area, levelling about 50 banana trees, without prior notice.

Kamala Devi who worked the land for the past 12 years can only watch her plantation destroyed. This is her story.

Video by Jimmy Leow.

Anti ISA event hijacked Part II

Pro ISA group consisting of "NGO"s disrupted the Anti ISA forum. They pushed their way towards the stage while ex ISA detainees were relating their experience inside the detention camp.

A Pro ISA supporter Mohd Ghani was given a chance to speak his mind on stage in a Anti ISA forum.

Video by Jimmy Leow

Anti ISA event hijacked Part I

Pro ISA supporter disrupted the Anti ISA event held at Komtar Walk this morning. Watch out for part 2 where the Anti ISA organizer gave a PRO ISA spokesman to state his case on stage.

Video by Jimmy Leow