Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Inshore fisherman waits for compensation

Mohd Saifullah, an inshore fisherman from Teulk Kumbar, Penang is still waiting for a reasonable compensation from the owner of a commercial trawler. Saifullah claimed that the trawler had damaged his fishing net as it came too near to the shore. When approached by Saifullah, the trawler captain offered RM 600 as compensation. "I have lost 1,800 feet of fishing net due to this incident and the cost of making one this long is approx RM 3800.00, and without it I cannot go to the sea." he added. Saifullah who is the bread winner of the family said that he has lost the ability to support his mother's medical needs. She suffering from heart problem and diabetes. 

Video by Jimmy Leow

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