Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Toll, Toll, Toll Everywhere

I have already spent at least RM 35.00 on toll fees travelling within Selangor this two days. Everywhere you go there is sure to have some one asking for money. RM0.60 here, RM2.20 there, RM 1.60 here.

But by paying these fees, you are rewarded with a smooth drive on the superhighways specially from KL to Shah Alam or Klang to PJ. I think Selangor and KL has the best highways by far. Well, looking at the traffic on the "normal" roads, it will be more expensive to queue and waste fuel, not to mention killing ourselves with pollution. I just came back from Subang Jaya and it was a relieve to return back to KL via the KESAS. Ok, have to pay of course, but it save me time, not that I am rushing to another appointment, again it was to avoid the big city traffic. I guess all great cities do have such issues and it is an ever lasting problem with no significant solution at sight. 

So, for those people who complain about traffic jams in some other states, try surviving one in KL. I was working in KL for 15 years before stay put in Penang and I must say that the traffic jam in KL is here to stay. With more and more influx of "anak anak kampung" from other states flocking into KL, working here, getting married here and having a family here, it is impossible to to reduce people and traffic. I think if the whole population of KL rides a bicycle, it would looked like Beijing, well may be 10 years back. 

One thing good about traffic jam is probably it teaches us to have patience.

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