Friday, 5 February 2010

Kek Lok Si traders cries foul over demolished stall

Lee Thoong Heong, a trader at Kek Lok Si Temple is unhappy that the state land office had demolished his store on the 29 Dec 2009 despite his appeal to the related authorities.

He said that the demolition is against the court judgment which indicated that a wall is to be build to separate the property of the new owner and his.

CJ Jimmy Leow wrote to Ng Wei Aik and Wong Hon Wai, Adun Komtar and Ayer Itam respectively to get a clearer picture on the matter.

According to Ng, he said Lee has occupied the portion of the state land (3 feet) in front of the land owned by the new owner and therefore obstructing the access of the land owner to their own land.

Ng added Lee occupied the state land which is a road reserve by erecting illegal structure on the state land without the state consent.

But as far as Lee is concerned, most of the "illegal structures" built by other traders along the path to Kek Lok Si are illegal too, but why was he the only one penalized?

He added that it is against the court judgment to demolish the wall. He further said that he will pursue to prove that he did not commit any offence and claimed that he is a victim selective prosecution by related authorities.

Video by Citizen Journalist Jimmy Leow Beng Hock

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