Sunday, 6 November 2011

Irresponsible dumping by rubbish collectors

Location: Diamond Vally Industrial Park, Penang

Rubbish collectors conveniently off load their haul of residential waste and wet waste into a rubbish collection site for industrial waste instead of transporting it to the main rubbish dump.

The rubbish collectors also took their time to segregate recycled items such as plastic bottles, cardboard, paper, metal parts which they drove away with and transfer waste they do not want into the industrial waste bins.

Sam Tan, a factory owner located nearby to the rubbish collection site said that this has been happening since 4 months ago, it may be due to the closure of Batu Maung dump site located in the island.

Tan said that at least 2 to 4 trucks off load their "unwanted" rubbish at the rubbish collection site near his factory daily and this has caused the area to be dirty and smelly.

The huge rubbish bins at the site are always full after their daily routine and has prevented factories nearby of using them.

CJ Jimmy Leow has written to MPPP via E-Pintas about this but has not receive any feedback as yet.

Video by Jimmy Leow, Citizen Journalist

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