Tuesday, 25 August 2009

H1N1 - Will We Survive?

Citizen journalist Jimmy Leow is curious about the low H1N1 death rate in Hong Kong compared to Malaysia. Hong Kong recorded 9,350 H1N1 cases with 4 deaths to date, whereas Malaysia has recorded 4,200 cases with 69 deaths as at Aug 24, 2009.

The authorities has indicated that the current H1N1 cases in Malaysia are under-reported.

Based on the population of 7 million with a 422 square mile area, Hong Kong is definitely one of the most congested area in the world. It has been recorded that the population density is approximately 6,700 per square mile.

Public transport such as buses and MTR are frequently used and most of the time, they are crowded, therefore, the spread of H1N1 should be more serious than of Malaysia.

But why is the death rate so low in comparison with Malaysia.

As I searched for clues, I noticed that the public toilets in Hong Kong are extremely clean and they are equipped with hand soap too.

Additional to this, there are a lot of anti-bacteria dispenser installed in most of the office buildings, at every lifts, airport, train stations, public places which made it so easy to disinfect your hands.

I also believe that the H1N1 early detection method done in Hong Kong has been effective and that is why the death rate is still 4 until today.