Sunday, 20 September 2009

Typhoon Koppu Hits Hong Kong

The No 8 signal was hoisted early in the evening of Sept 14, 2009, as strong wind and heavy rain hits Hong Kong. As shops are closed for the evening to allow employees to return safely home, public transports last service schedule has been announced so that the public can planned the return trip effectively.

Yet tourists defied the conditions, with scores of them taking in the increasingly rough conditions at popular destinations such as the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui. And in Macau, which also had the No 8 hoisted, gamblers could ignore the weather as all casinos remained open.

The biggest worry in Hong Kong was flooding, with experts fearing a drenching like that delivered by Hagupit last September.

A warning about serious flooding at the stilted township of Tai O on the southern tip of Lantau saw the Islands District Council activate a flood alert system, while emergency workers prepared to mobilize resources for a possible evacuation.

As people went to bed there was no clear indication just when it might be lowered. All that the weathermen were saying was that Koppu was likely make landfall in Guangdong west of Hong Kong around 8am.

CJ Jimmy Leow went to the streets of Hong Kong to have a closer look at the situation.

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