Thursday, 12 November 2009

Kg Buah Pala or what remains of it...

CJ Jimmy Leow was passing by Kampung Buah Pala last weekend and cannot help but stop to see the changing landscape of this village.

Kampung Buah Pala was once known as 'High Chaparral' due to its population of cowherds, cattle, goats, other livestock, its unique hilly environment and Indian cultural features and festivities.

Kampung Buah Pala was once the major supplier of fresh cow's milk on the island, including the Penang Hospital.

The 200-year-old Indian traditional village was demolished in September this year to pave way for a condominium project named 'The Oasis', undertaken by the cooperative society and Nusmetro Venture.

He recalls the frequent meetings between the state government and the villagers, both wanting to reach a win win solution and, the villagers with their 200 odd supporters formed human barricades to prevent demolition workers from entering the village. Their cries and agony of seeing the houses being torn down.

Brave men and women they were. They were merely defending their rights to stay where they belong. Anyone would do the same.

But it is all over now, the villagers evicted, houses demolished, High Chaparral flattened, most of the families took the double storey house offer and as dusts settled, one often wondered if the villagers are still traumatized by the whole experience. Such experience will not be forgotten easily, at least not in their lifetime.

Video by Jimmy Leow

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