Monday, 25 June 2012

Kg Boundary 5 residents cry foul over eviction order

On the Malaysian island of Penang, land is scarce. The island, of almost 300 square kilometers is rapidly developing and a major part of this process is constant struggle over land. Citizen journalist Jimmy Leow looks into a Sikh community who is facing eviction even though their papers are in order. Many people have no idea where Kg Boundary Lima is and that will definitely be the case if the developer who wants the land successfully evicts the remaining 100 families. Santokh Singh, is the eldest in a family of seven who have hold their grounds and refused to leave. Santokh's father is 98 years old. He bought this land and built his home in 1964 with his hard earned money. He is devastated that he has to leave. Santokh shows me his handicapped brother who is paralyzed from the waist down. His father worries what will happen to him if they are thrown out of their home. Not far from Santokh's home, is another house which the developer is eager to demolish. It belongs to another man called Santok Singh, he represents the 100 families who are facing the same fate. Many have already gone. Their homes are on a four-acre plot acquired by the developer some 10 years ago and are to be demolished to pave the way for three-storey bungalow units. Video by Jimmy Leow

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