Thursday, 23 April 2009

Children torn apart by religion

So sad to see that children at the end of the day is the victim of a tug of war between parents and religion. In the recent case in Perak, we see a situation where there is no winners only victims of circumstances. Even the gods of individual religion would want to avoid such conflicts. Which religion promotes forced conversion? Does god promotes the suffering of children when they are subjected to choose between their mother and father? Does any god wants to see a family broken up into pieces? 

Malaysia Kini 17 Apr 2009 : Her three young children were forcefully converted to Islam by her estranged husband. And M Indira Ghandi is taking her plight straight to the doorstep of the Prime Minister's Office.

Calling on newly-minted Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to explain the matter, the 35-year-old kindergarten teacher said: "He talks about an united Malaysia. But what does this mean when only the Muslims have rights." 

"I am not anti-Islam and I am not saying that they (Muslims) are doing wrong things but why do non-Muslims have to suffer like this?" she asked as tears welled up in her eyes.

Indira's marriage is now is a limbo after her husband, K Patmanathan, 40, converted without her knowledge on March 11.

She claimed that her husband, who has since assumed the name Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah, had also converted their three children - aged one to 12 - on April 12 without their presence and using only their birth certificates.

"He took my baby (their youngest child) from me and ran away... I have not seen her ever since and I don't know how she's doing," lamented Indira.

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