Sunday, 12 April 2009

GMI : Consultation What Next?

Attended this forum organized by GMI on the 12th Apr 2009, but sad to note that there was lack of attendance from the public.


  1. Do you think people didn't attend out of fear, afraid of being seen as anti-ISA activists and trouble makers if they attend? Or is it just apathy?

  2. Hi Asia Insider,

    A friend told me that it was Easter holidays and many Christians attended church. But I was also wondering, all Anti ISA supporters are Christians only??? So, I have the opinion that the publicity of this event was not properly done. SUARAM did mentioned that they had to go ahead with the event because it was planned a long time ago. But seriously, there is lack of advertisement (maybe GMI should approach the state government for a big billboard to advertise the movement as encouraged by DCM2 the other day). GMI must take this opportunity to move forward like Selangor.

    Anti ISA supporters afraid? I think there is this element that stop people from attending such events because fear has been instilled into us for so many years. It takes time to adjust.