Saturday, 4 April 2009

Hunting for Tear Gas, Water Cannon and FRUs

The other morning I forced myself to get up and really needed a gallon of coffee to make me stay awake. I slept at 3:30am that morning because I was hunting for FRUs and tear gas.

I was looking forward to experience the FRUs and tear gas, but there was none to be found. You see, I was doing a coverage on the PKR ceramahs at Taman Kelisa, Bukit Selambau. Together with me was Malaysia Kini’s videographer Maran Perianen and a good friend of ours, Anil Netto.

Everyone was waiting for Anwar Ibrahim’s speech at 2 locations nearby. After a few vox pops, decided to walk to the next stop where Anwar Ibrahim will speak later in the evening.
Nevertheless, when you are carrying a tripod and a camcorder, people tends to ask which “TV station” you are from. Being a citizen journalist trained by Malaysia Kini, we tend to be carried away and yell back,”Malaysia Kini!”, you see, in this part of the country, Malaysia Kini is the people’s preference. So, I got a free ride on a motorcycle and I definitely saved some calories, not that I cannot part with them.

For the first in so many years, Anwar Ibrahim was just 4 feet away from me as he came out from his car, he looked tired, dressed in black and white. He sat for awhile and he walked to the make shift podium and started his speech with greetings in multiple languages, promoting multicultural bond and respect.

I tell you, he can really speak, I have a tape with a remaining time of probably 45 minutes. His speech filled the tape and I had to insert another to catch the finale of S. Manikumar and Anwar Ibrahim.

Overall, I believe the crowd was small, about 3500 people, but most of them went home happy and content, I hope that the long list of symbols of the independent candidates on the voting slip will not confuse the voters.

My impression of S Manikumar? Well, he is young of age, brilliant mind, good fighting spirit and most important, not corrupted. I think that is good enough…………..

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