Sunday, 22 February 2009

20 Millions Without Work in China

South China Morning Post (Hong Kong based news) 21 Feb 2009. Job crush. Security workers keep college students waiting at a job fair in Wuhan, Hubei province, yesterday. Demand for Chinese goods is falling, leading to increased unemployment, with the government saying at least 20 million migrant workers lost their jobs last year.
I was on the way to Hong Kong this morning and found this article about millions of Chinese without work. In some instances, graduates had to work as domestic helpers. Wearing a blue apron with a white floral print, many will spent days in school for domestic worker practising how to clean a window without leaving streaks across the glass. The job search for this year it seems will be difficult because another 6.1 million graduates will enter into the market. If times are not good in China, just imagine what the current situation will effect Malaysia. I really don't dare to even think about it.

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