Thursday, 19 February 2009

Elizabeth Wong goes abroad to rest

Star 19 Feb 2009 PETALING JAYA: Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong, who described the furore over her scandalous photographs as the ‘darkest episode’ in her life, has gone overseas. In a press statement on Wednesday, Wong said she had never felt so alone, vulnerable and humiliated since the scandal broke out.

“Despite having tendered my resignation from all posts, the media and websites continue to intrude into my private life and privacy."

“I have been informed by several media that they will continue to publish even more lewd graphical, sensational stories of my private life."

“I have also been told there will be a fresh assault, with more photographs and videos released and circulated in order to completely degrade and bury me,” she said in an e-mail on Thursday. "

She stated that public discussions should not be focused on her but on more important issues such as the coming serious economic recession that would be faced by the nation.

“Unemployment is rising, while corruption remains rampant. I wish public discussions would concentrate on these important issues rather than analysing my private life. My principles remains the same."

“I will not answer any question pertaining to my private life. My private life is not for public scrutiny as I have not broken any law or caused harm to anyone,” she said.

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