Thursday, 19 February 2009

Mainstream medias are getting worst and idiotic

This evening while watching NTV7 news at 7:00pm, I was amazed how the station tried to “protect” the face or the identity of the suspect who distributed Eli’s photos. If we are talking about Hilmi Malek, don’t bother to blur his face. You can find his face almost in every blog that supports Elizabeth Wong and like I mentioned in my previous comment, “Hilmi, you can run but you cannot hide”.

The other night while watching TV3 late news, I noticed that they put up Eli’s photo (face and shoulder photo) at the background for so long. Why not her usual photos?

I sure TV3 has alot of her well dressed photos in their archive. The victim gets the full blown exposure while the suspects gets the blurred faces. Mainstream medias are getting worst and idiotic.

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