Friday, 20 February 2009

First of all, Karpal is not like the others who are easily scared, like he mentioned earlier, ” If you are looking for trouble, this is the right place”. He is a fighter and he has the people behind him. It takes more than a few bullets to silence this old but wise warrior of justice.

PENANG, Feb 20 — DAP chairman Karpal Singh received a letter containing two live bullets at his home here yesterday. However, he was not in at the time. He made a report at the Penang police headquarters, accompanied by his son Jagdeep Singh Deo. He told reporters later that the bullets together with a note were found in an envelope by his clerk. “The envelope was found in my post box at my home by my clerk Ahad Hassan, and it was handed to my legal firm in Green Hall. “When it was opened at my office by another clerk, the envelope was found to contain two live bullets and a handwritten note,” the veteran politician said. The writer of the note threatened to kill Karpal and his family. Karpal believed the threat was related to the political issue in Perak. — Bernama


  1. Guan Eng had the same threat too, but there is no stopping such threats. Such things have been happening. Let's hope it stays a threat.

  2. Never mind the bullets, it is the health of KS that I am worried about.