Wednesday, 18 February 2009

What? Malaysians denied entry to Sarawak?

They invited illegals from neighboring countries into Sarawak, gave them identity cards, gave them lands and housings but refused entry of a Malaysian? This is really sickening, we are Malaysians and we can travel anywhere we want within the country and overseas without any fear or favour.

You might as well issue the so called “rubbish whatever refusal notice” to the whole population of Malaysia. I know “sometimes” politics is unfair and dirty, but I didn’t know the politicians in Sarawak resort to such dirt cheap tactics. Pathetic.

Star 15 Feb 2009 KUCHING: PKR vice-president R. Sivarasa was denied entry into Sarawak yesterday, becoming the second politician from the party to be barred from the state. The Subang MP was stopped by immigration officials at Kuching International Airport at 1.30pm and served with a notice of refusal of entry under Section 66(1) of the Immigration Act. The reason given was that he was not from Sarawak and therefore not entitled to enter the state without a permit or pass.

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