Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Citizen Journalists : One Voice for the Homeless


  1. I like this short clip. Very good information. Thanks for sharing. I pity the lady on the wheelchair. Carry away and don't know where she will be landed.

  2. Hi Erina,

    Yes, it was really sad. We are trying to locate them through normal channels, just to see if they are doing well.

  3. Azira Shaharuddin8 April 2009 at 10:56

    Thank you for highlighting the problem. It seems that more and more are homeless as the country progresses. The only solution I think is for families, friends and the society to start caring for each other because the help from government will not come and if it does, it will only be short term.

  4. Hi Azira,

    I heard from a social welfare staff saying that the more we help the homeless, the more will come from other states. It seems other states are too in the same situation where funds are lacking too.

    I truly agree with you 100% about how family and friends can make a difference to these homeless people.

    One of these days, I will be doing a documentary on the homes which are located at Bedong and Taiping, just to see how they are doing.