Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Opposition Leaders Barred from Visiting Schools

By the way, I stay next to a government school and I have never once had a glimpse of any big shots from the Ministry of Education who came to the school or heard from my children of such visits. If the ministry of education does not want to visit the schools, it does not mean that the state government should not! Even if they are from the DAP, PKR or PAS for that matter.

Why? MOE is afraid that the Opposition officials will put bad influence into the students' brain. Look, your teachers have been preaching all things good and proper for the ruling party for so many years, why worry?

Maybe if MOE would care to send some representatives to visit and take note of the problems the students and the teachers are facing nowadays, it would have solved a lot of issues such as bullying, gangsterism, smoking, violence, and vandalism. Most importantly is to understand the standard that the students are in right now. Please come and ask the headmasters or headmistress about the issues that are giving MOE the bad name. 

So, if MOE disallow all Opposition party leaders to enter the government schools, maybe you should also bar all the parents who voted for the oppositions too. And maybe, you should not allow those students whose their parents voted for the oppositions to study in the government school too. How absurb can you get?

Malaysian Insider: Selangor's elected leaders from Pakatan Rakyat are barred from visiting government schools in the state, according to a directive issued by Education Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

In an education department list on who can attend official events in all schools in the state, Pakatan Rakyat leaders names are glaringly missing.

The education department letter's list was issued to all school headmasters in Selangor earlier this month. 

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