Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Teresa Kok donates to Surau

You don't hear or see much of these unselfishness nowadays. Some may ponder why Teresa is doing this when she is not a muslim, people quickly suspects the "hidden" intentions, this and that. Maybe the fact is she is simply concerned about the needs of the people.

Teresa intended to donate a cattle to Bandar Kinrara mosque authorities for clearing her name in any involvement in the azan call issue, but those plans did not panned out. Probably, not a good idea to donate cows nowadays, look at MB Khalid, poor guy, donated to charity but got into trouble with MACC.

Teresa Kok was accused of asking Bandar Kinrara mosque in the seat of Sri Serdang - which neighbours her Kinrara constituency - to reduce the volume of its azan call last year, leading to her arrest and week-long dtention under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

Here are some comments from the public taken from Malaysian over Teresa Kok's donation to a surau, islamic daycare centre and a primary school in conjunction of Maulidur Rasul.

“Sri Serdang mosque stood by you during those trying times. It is wonderful that you reciprocate. A bright future is dawning on Sri Serdang. Well done, Teresa and Haji Harun.”

“We are all one entity, one being all interrelated closely with one another. So to harm others is to harm ourselves. We originally had this comprehension, this great broad-mindedness, why are we so narrowed minded now. Save Malaysia from this narrowed-mindedness.”

“Bila i baca ni, rasa happy ada, curiga pun ada. Apa motif sumbangan ini? Tapi I tetap akan bersangka baik dengan YB. I harap keikhlasan YB akan membuka mata semua.”

“God will of course bless those who reaches out to help others. Even though we are of differing religion, but let us not forget that God’s creations comes from the lineage of Adam and Eve (or Adam dan Hawa). 

We have Prophect Abraham (Nabi Ibrahim), Moses (Musa), Joseph (Yusuf), Jacob (Yakob) and many similar named prophects (or Nabi) in the Old Testament (and Koran). If we delft deeper into the history of mankind, we are somehow inter-related to one another. It is not that God or Allah belongs to one race, but God or Allah blesses all of us, without regards to the colour of our skin, and in the language and dialect that we called out to Him. He reigns supreme over all His creations. If the trees can talk and sing, they will call and sing out God’s praises in adoration of Him. 

Yes, Teresa, you are truly a good daughter to our Father in Heaven. God or Allah will keep on pouring His blessings upon you, and through you, blessings will overflow unto others. Well done, Teresa! 

Our heartfelt prayers to God or Allah will definitely reach His Kingdom-shore. Let our cries be heard by His Divine Majesty. Yes, God is Great. Allah will keep on blessing His children, and none will be left out.”

“Well done, YB Teresa. Keep helping all walks of life - Malays, Chinese, Indians, Orang Asli etc. Show them that you’re doing it not to gain fame, but to fulfill your responsibilities as an MP. Hope to hear more good deeds from you for the people soon.”

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