Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Tree Of Democracy, the roots to our Freedom, Part 1

Photo courtesy of blogger delCapo
Live Coverage by Anil Netto


The Speaker and the PR Aduns are all at one corner outside the state government building. MB Nizar is inside the car. The Speaker seems about to make an announcement as to what they are going to do next, reports another contact at the scene.


The Speaker has just announced that he will be holding the sitting of the State Assembly about 50 metres from the entrance in an open space near a couple of trees.


They are starting the proceedings with a prayer as a crowd of about 500-600 look on.


They are having the Dewan assembly sitting under a tree! They are meeting right next to my contact's car. It's all very formal and they are addressing the Speaker as Yang DiPertua etc.

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Melaka was also found under a tree right..... is just the right time to make history again... UNDER a tree

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I can feel the unification of different races and religions here. After all, we are all human with same values in life. This is the Malaysia, we want.


The resolutions expressing support for the MB and calling for the dissolution of the assembly have been passed. Everyone is now adjourning to the DAP office.


A man was scene carrying a placard, which read "The world is watching".

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It seems yesterday, the order to lock the dewan was retrieved according to Star today. IPOH: The State Secretary’s office issued circulars last evening directing staff members to cancel all appointments in the premises today because the entrances to the building would be shut. However, the circulars were retrieved about an hour after they were pasted on the doors of several offices. Later when asked if the directives had been withdrawn, State Secretary Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Hashim said: “My officer informed me that they had been collected back. I cannot comment further on that.”


Blogger delCapo reports that Nizar has also gone upstairs at the DAP office nearby for a press conference. The PKR Youth leadership is also present.


The crowd in the area has dispersed


About 1,000 people had witnessed the proceedings.

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With God all things are
possible.The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree. Let us continue to pray that the rakyat's desire and His will be done.

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"Even though I am one of the BN component party member, I disagree to the action of the BN. BN should agree to dissolve the state assembly and let the perak people elect their own govt. Court has no right and power to decide for the people of Perak. The best solution is to dissolve the state assembly and let the people of Perak to elect their own govt. BN, you are too much. You have created hatred among the rakyat. Please stop it. The speaker, YB Siva is 100% right to call for the assembly sitting. Thank you, YB Siva."


"It was really a fantastic experience," says my other contact. It was an open space with a couple of huge high shady trees - a large mango tree and the other one appears to be angsana tree, about 200 metres away from the entrance to state secretariat building.


The bodyguards just formed a ring around the open-air assembly and the people were encircled around Aduns, who were standing in front of the Speaker, who was also standing in his full regalia, the songkok, the black and yellow suit.


A moment of humour occurred when the Speaker asked the Aduns, "Setuju?" Instead, of just the Aduns responding, the whole crowd shouted "Setuju!" The Aduns had to explain to the crowd that the Setuju response was only for the Aduns. Someone in the crowd muttered to my contact, "We are also part of this assembly. We have a right to express our confidence in the MB."


The press conference at the DAP is still going on. A crowd of about a couple of hundred people are waiting downstairs to find out about latest developments.

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Meleleh ayor mata teman..bila terbaca ayat: someone in the crowdmuttered to your contact, "We are also part of this assembly .We have right to express our confidence in the MB. Thank you...awak mewakili kami yang tidak dapat bersama anda semua ...kami mendoakan semoga beroleh kejayaan bagi segala susah payah yang saudara saudara hadapi sewaktu berkumpul di IPOH.. semangat persaudaraan tanpa mengira kaum dan ugama ....what a lovely day...

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I followed the political event in Perak lately, and with tears flowing freely down my cheek, tears of joy , joy of knowing these group of people like speaker Siva, MB Nizar never giving up the struggles for demoracry.... these are people should run the country... I rejoice together with them for the rebirth of Perak demoracry under the tree, will be remembered in history for a long time. Syabas to those who are there this morning to witness the historic event in Perak.

To be continued......

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