Friday, 20 March 2009

Untouchables vs Disposables

Sounds like a movie about a few good guys on a do or die mission to get rid of the mafias….Well, to think of it, there was a movie named The Untouchables (1987)  starring Shaw Connery, Andy Garcia, Robert De Niro and Kevin Costner, not a good ending though.

How is this related to our local politic scene? The story line seems to be the same but of course with a lot of Malaysian twist.

Everyone knows the Untouchables in Malaysian politics are the members of UMNO, the latest addition to the list of many is Ali Rustam, CM of Melaka. Barred from contesting for the UMNO vice president post for condoning money politics because he allowed his agents to distribute money to the UMNO delegates to vote for him in the upcoming UMNO general assembly, yet he is free as a bird.  

Not suspended, no pressure to resign from the CM post, nothing shocking, no drama, it is like another day in paradise. No wonder so many Malays joined UMNO for the ultimate protection under its umbrella.

Corrupt is corrupt! Chief Minister or not, out you go! There are no two ways about it, some people say. But here in Malaysia, there are. So, tell me how will UMNO get rid of corruption in the party when a corrupted leader (found guilty by its own discipline body) still walks freely among the delegates and still have the ultimate control of the state of Melaka? How can this be the role model for the future generations to come? 

On the other hand sadly, we also have the Disposables (sound like diapers or like the nasi lemak wrappers) represented by the rest of the Opposition Parties such as DAP, PKR, PAS and the public. “Sikit sikit salah minta resign, tak salah pun minta resign.”

We are who the government is today, therefore we must be crystal clear who we want to represent us in the future. 

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