Friday, 27 March 2009

Homeless Caught by CM's Political Secretary

I remembered what Jalil, a homeless we interviewed in our "Homeless" video said, "sleeping here, no one disturbs us but we fear the Welfare Department." He also mentioned that many of us do not know about the Welfare Department, it seems the Welfare Department sent many of the homeless to Tanjung Rambutan.

No wonder, the homeless ran at the very sight of the welfare officers in the recent round up on the 24 March 2009.

When the political secretary to CM was hailed like a hero for catching a homeless during the round up, it makes me really think how shallow he knows about the sufferings of these unfortunate people on the streets. Don't we need to show a little bit more compassion, sympathy and understanding?

Don't you think we should treat them like humans, just like you and me? 

Ng Wei Aik, shame on you!

Star 24 March 2009 : THE frantic appeal of a vagrant rang in the air as he was approached by Social Welfare Department officers in George Town.

Sabarlah...sabarlah, jangan tangkap aku, aku nak berniagalah!” (be patient, don’t catch me, I want to trade).

The vagrant known only as Hamzah was picked up during one of the biggest raids against vagrants and beggars on Penang island this year on Sunday night.

When told by Komtar assemblyman Ng Wei Aik that he would be sent home, he replied: “Rumah? Saya tak ada rumah, sudah lama aku tak balik rumah. (Home? I don’t have a home, it’s been a while since I last returned home).

At one point, Ng gave chase to a homeless man who tried to run away. The man was cornered by a press member who chased him on a motorcycle.

The people were picked up around Komtar, Prangin Mall, Penang Road, Chowrasta Market, Chulia Street, Lorong Kulit, Datuk Keramat, Jelutong, Sungai Ujong, Muntri Street, Queen Street, King Street, Gurney Drive, Esplanade, Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling, Pulau Tikus, Tanjung Tokong and Weld Quay.

The raid was conducted by the Social Welfare Department, north-east district office, Rela, Penang Municipal Council, police, Islamic Affairs Department, Immigra- tion Department and Penang Hospital.

They used two Black Marias, two Immigration Department vans and an ambulance to transport those picked up.

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